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Few animals are as much of a joy to be around as cats. These unique creatures provide endless hours of entertainment, as well as lasting companionship. Sometimes, however, our feline friends can prove to be a frustration, especially when they decide to tear up the furniture or harm their fellow animals. For those who own both a dog and a cat, or multiple cats, the latter danger is particularly relevant. A cat's claws are sharp and can easily hurt a child or another animal. If they scratch another animal's eyes, it will result in severe pain, or even permanent blindness. Annehurst Veterinary Hospital offers humane cat declawing and kitten declawing services, so you don't have to worry.

If you're in need of pet declawing in Westerville, we're here for you. Our clinic utilizes a special laser surgery technique that minimizes pain, swelling, and bleeding. This technique also reduces the chance of your cat developing a serious infection, and decreases their recovery time. It's important to note that this surgical procedure cannot be reversed. This surgery takes place under general anesthesia, so you don't have to worry about your cat experiencing any pain during surgery. Following the surgery, your cat will be able to return to their normal routines quickly. We're committed to ensuring your cat's comfort and safety throughout the declawing process. If you've been considering having your cat or kitten declawed, get in touch with us today to discuss your options. If your animal is in need of another type of surgery, please look into our surgical services.

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There are many benefits to declawing your cat or kitten. Cats are by nature very curious creatures. They love exploring their living space, and doing so is a great way for them to learn, play, and exercise. Unfortunately, their playtime may cost you serious money, as cats often claw up furniture carpet, wooden doors, and any other surface that happens to catch their eye. Repairing furniture and carpeting isn't cheap, and it will gradually cause you to build up feelings of resentment against your cat. Couple this with the risk of them injuring you or another animal, and you begin to understand the case for having your cat declawed.

We understand that many people worry about their cat's wellbeing when it comes to the declawing process. Rest assured our laser claw removal process is safe and humane, causing less pain, bleeding, and swelling, than standard declawing techniques. You want the very best for your animal, and that's exactly what our clinic delivers with every declawing surgery we perform. Please note, however, that it is always best to declaw cats at the age of two or younger. Kittens tend to heal more quickly than adult cats and experience fewer complications following their declawing surgery. If you're on the fence about having your cat or kitten declawed, consider speaking to one of our experienced veterinarians about the procedure.

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