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Emergency Veterinarian Services in Westerville, OH, That Save Lives

You hear your dog or cat whining in pain, but it’s after hours, and your vet is closed. What to do? Bring them to Annehurst Veterinary Hospital for emergency veterinarian services. In Westerville, OH, we’re one of the few places you can count on always being open and available to you even outside of normal business hours. After more than 52 years of experience serving local pets and pet lovers, we’re confident that we can handle any illness or injury your poor pet may be dealing with.

Our emergency veterinarian services include full hospitalization with nursing care on staff. At our practice, there is always at least one technician dedicated to hospitalized patients, so they’re never alone. Someone is always watching out for them and ensuring they have the care they need to make a full recovery.

Labrador Dog Sitting On a Veterinarian's Table

Your Go-To Intensive Care Veterinarian

Much of the time when a pet is in pain that can’t wait, it’s because they need surgery. We’re proud to have a talented team with all of the skills and training to take this on at any time of the day or night. Annehurst Veterinary Hospital is where you can go for surgical services like soft tissue, orthopedic, and cesarean section surgery. All of these include anesthesia and monitoring for maximum safety and comfort. In addition to emergencies, we can also use anesthesia for normal procedures like spay/neuter and declawing too.

No matter the case, our 24-hour emergency animal care is set up so that your pet can stay with us as long as they need to. We regularly offer boarding services for owners who may be going out of town and can’t take their dog or cat with them, and of course, that extends to our patients.

Hurry Over to Our Emergency Dog Veterinarian When Sickness Strikes

You can always tell when your pets aren’t feeling like themselves. Signs like loss of appetite, vomiting, and other symptoms are often indicative of something bad, and waiting for it to get worse can be painful for both of you. Our clinic is designed so you don’t have to wait.

As soon as you notice your little friend isn’t feeling well, give us a call right away. We’ll do what we can to be ready for you, so we can get to the diagnostics and treatment the moment you get here. A quick response can make all the difference.

Contact the Annehurst team as soon as you think your pet may need our help. We welcome families from Westerville, Columbus, Gahanna, Worthington, and Dublin, Ohio, and the nearby communities.

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