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There are many benefits associated with owning a pet, but also some difficulties as well. One of the most frustrating challenges of pet ownership is figuring out what to do with your animal when you're heading out on a trip. Leaving a pet with friends and family is an imposition and may not always be possible. Keeping them at home means they'll be lonely and may not have access to the food and water they need. They'll also be completely unsupervised, which puts your furniture, carpets, walls, and fragile fixtures at risk. Fortunately, Annehurst Veterinary Hospital provides a convenient solution. We offer dog boarding and cat boarding, so you don't have to worry about your pet having a place to stay while you're gone.

If you're in need of pet boarding in Westerville, our clinic is the perfect choice. We love animals, and we treat our customers' pets like our own. Our clinic offers the very best accommodations for your animals, including climate controlled environments, private sleeping areas, indoor exercise zones, toys, and so much more. As with the rest of our clinic, our boarding areas are immaculately clean, and we always follow all standard safety procedures in order to protect your pets from harm.

Above all else, we are dedicated to taking care of your animals. That philosophy defines everything we do, and extends to all of our services, including boarding. In the event that your pet is in need of a vaccination, dental cleaning, or other service, we can take care of it during their stay. If you're interested, please look into our other pet services

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Leaving your pet behind is one of the worst feelings imaginable. Looking into your beloved animal's eyes as you leave may induce feelings of guilt or sadness. Fortunately, our clinic is here to provide your animals with the best boarding services imaginable. When you leave your pet at our state-of-the-art facility, you don't have to feel guilty. Rest assured we'll provide your animal with superior care, while focusing primarily on their safety and wellbeing.

In the event that your pet has special needs, don't worry, we can help with that as well. We offer full medical boarding services at our Annehurst/Westerville location including observation, scheduled treatments, and 24-hour care from our veterinarians and their assistants. You'll have peace of mind on your business trip or vacation, and we'll have the joy of spending time with your wonderful pet, as well as impressing you with our superb customer service. If you're interested having your pet boarded at our clinic, don't hesitate to get in touch. We cannot wait to meet you and your animal.

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Contact us if your pet needs a place to stay while you're out of town. We help in animals in Westerville, Columbus, Gahanna, Worthington, and Dublin, Ohio.

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