Pet Vaccinations in Westerville, OH

Keeping your pet's vaccinations current is a critical part of maintaining their health. This is true for both cats and dogs of any age. Fortunately, Annehurst Veterinary Hospital offers cat and dog vaccinations for kittens, puppies, and adult pets. Our clinic has more than 49 years of experience in the business, which means we know how to vaccinate your animals safely and effectively. If you're in need of pet vaccinations in Westerville, our clinic is here for you. We are committed to providing you and your pets with safe pet immunizations.

As with all of our veterinary services, our focus is on taking care of your pet when providing vaccinations. We view everything through a filter of compassion for animals. Our passion for delivering wonderful veterinary care shows in everything we do. Depending on your animal's age, different kinds of vaccines may need to be administered. Having an older pet vaccinated is also a wonderful time to have their teeth cleaned. Please look into our animal dental services to find out more. Teeth cleanings and vaccinations are essential parts of caring for a cat or dog, and must not be neglected. Failure to keep up with these necessary treatments may result in health problems for your pet.

Pet Immunizations for Kittens and Puppies

When you first acquire a puppy or kitten, you're sure to feel excited, happy, and perhaps overwhelmed with your new responsibility. As part of raising your new animal, it's essential that you watch out for their immune systems. Vaccination is the process of injecting your animal with a vaccine, while immunization is the way that your animal's immune system is subsequently strengthened by the vaccine. In order for your pets to gain immunity to dangerous diseases, they must be vaccinated.

There are many conditions to be aware of when dealing with a puppy or kitten. A majority of kittens are born with parasites living in their intestines. A dewormer must be administered to your animal in order to prevent these parasites from affecting your kitten or even be transmitted to you or your loved ones. We recommend that your kittens receive multiple sets of vaccinations during their first 16 weeks. Similarly, puppies must be screened for parasites, as well as conditions such as kennel cough. We also recommend that your puppies undergo a full vaccine regiment before the age of 16 weeks.

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Adult Cat and Dog Vaccinations

In addition to the vaccines they receive as puppies and kittens, your cats and dogs may need additional vaccinations. It is important to keep the up-to-date with their vaccines as the years go by, in order to protect their health and your own. If you're unsure of what vaccines your animal requires, simply get in touch with our clinic. Our experienced veterinarians understand your animal's needs and they'll guide you throughout every step of the vaccination process.

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