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One of the worst issues affecting cats and dogs in the United States is overpopulation. Every year thousands of animals are born into unfavorable living situations. These cats and dogs will spend their lives living on the streets, placing them at risk for malnourishment, cruelty, and euthanization in animal shelters. Pet neutering and spaying makes an amazing difference when it comes to overpopulation problem. A single female dog and her litter produce 67,000 puppies over the course of six years. Likewise, a single female cat and her litter will produce 370,000 kittens over seven years.

If you begin to imagine the numbers of cats and dogs represented by this equation, the figures are staggering. Unfortunately, most of these animals will never find a loving home. Preventing these animals from ever being born is the most humane option. If you're in need of pet spaying in Westerville, Annehurst Veterinary Hospital is here for you. Our clinic offers safe and effective cat and dog spaying and neutering, so you don't have to worry about the consequences of your animal's reproductive activities. Neutering or spaying your cat is particularly important if you plan to keep your cat indoors. In this event, you may also wish to consider taking advantage of our declawing services.

The Benefits of Pet Neutering and Spaying

Beyond the humane curtailing of overpopulation that dog and cat spaying and neutering provides, there are a number of other benefits worth considering. Studies have shown that sterilized animals generally have longer, happier lifespans than their unaltered counterparts. A spayed or neutered pet is also easier to live with. Neutered males fight less and have a decreased risk of testicular and prostate cancer. Spaying female pets prevents much of the discomfort suffered during heat, while reducing mammary cancer risks and eliminating the risk of uterine cancer occurring.

Our clinic handles dog neutering and spaying, as well as cat neutering and spaying. As with all of our veterinary services, we are passionately focused on providing your pets with safe and effective veterinary services. Our love of animals informs everything we do. Preventing overpopulation is the responsibility of every pet owner and anyone who loves animals. Together we can prevent the birth of hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs that otherwise needlessly suffer and die in the streets of our cities.

If you've ever walked or driven past a cat or dog and felt sorry for their position, please understand that their suffering is a direct result of a failure to spay and neuter canine and feline populations. Although cat and dog overpopulation may seem like an insurmountable issue, we can overcome it together. We urge you to begin with your own cat or dog. Make an appointment to have your pet spayed or neutered today.

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